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My thread

Message  Girbot le Jeu 10 Aoû 2017 - 1:18

Hé les gars, je suis Gary. Je ne parle pas français, excusez-moi si Google Translate se déguise. Je suis un mod sur DD et j'ai vu ce site à partir d'Idea publier une animation d'un groupe d'animations de tes gars et je pensais que je viendrais et que je laissais tomber mes animations.


My DDC13 entry.

Version with sound
Got bored and made this today. Pivot feels weird after using flash more often.
First time animating since the summer. I'll most likely continue this later, but I just really felt like updating my thread.
i dont know why im threading this but why not
Snapfight Joint 2 with Flame
i really just wanted to thread something since i havent in ages, so here's a pivotpoints entry i made
I will be continuing this in the future, but at the moment I have no idea/lost motivation to animate it, so I'm just gonna leave it as it is and continue it at another point in time. It does loop rather decently as it is now tho
ay lmao
I decided I'm going to update my thread more often. Guess I'll be starting with my dance collab entry!
See Saws are fun to animate.

After 3 months, I finally completed this. Thanks Juke for adding the song!

Piv (RECOMMENDED): download/be9deertt62th84/gah.piv
Obstacle Course!
Credits: Mat, for the course.
Senzo Joint
Giffgiff Tribute!
I got some pretty good comment on it, so I decided to thread it. c:
850 Frames of boredom! I shall resume this once I get done with Band Camp. Expect it to be over atleast 1750 frames. c:

[size=150]Older stuff[/size]

Summer Dailies.
So yea guys, I'm done with my almost daily summer dailies. I just stopped feeling like animating everyday. Anyways though, Hunter compiled them all into one for me!

Non Daily Animations
Just a little thing

Doors Entry 1

Doors Entry 2

Stretch Aboose
Tigerr did the little midsection when I didn't know what to do with the anim xD

Bombastic Inspired

Acrobatic Stuff

Randomness (Gifraped)
Piv (Recommended)

Failed Waffles Joint
He has been really busy as of late, and we decided we would post this and finish at a time when he isn't so busy.

30 FPS Combo
Download the pivot file here for original, non sped up speed. (RECOMMENDED)

Heavy Spaced Loop
Piv: Click Here

High FPS 1-Combo

High FPS 2-Small Fight

Kellawgs Told Me To Thread This

Ball play
Joint with Will and Jake (I did a majority of it)


Will did the final punch and kick reaction for me because of school reasons.




Inspired by Tigerr



Pogo 2



47 apples were harmed in the making of this animtion

Wing Anim
Credz to Garuda

Style Testing

~Combo 2~


Older Animations

Another one!


1 v 4

Hectocity 2

Crappy IMO.

Parkour again


A Little Thing

The Thing
The ending is a bit rushed.

Parkour Thing

Kick to the face

Xman Joint

Intermediate Anim #1


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Re: My thread

Message  Idea le Jeu 10 Aoû 2017 - 3:05

Wow, awesome. I really like the way you animate, like, quick movement, etc. Very, very beautiful. And your DDC13 entry is absolutly perfect. The chosen stickmen are old, and it's what make all the charm of the animation. Coeur ( And it's funny Ange )

Yeah, i really like your animations, thank you for showing them Coeur


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Re: My thread

Message  Detsu le Jeu 10 Aoû 2017 - 12:36

Your animations are awesome !
i love your style ^^


Signa by Idea - Viens voir mon topic !

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Re: My thread

Message  SimzCo le Jeu 10 Aoû 2017 - 13:27

pretty sick, in a good way ofc

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Re: My thread

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